Trained in London by some of the best designers & decorators, Katie creates stunning birthday cakes that taste amazing.
Call Katie today for the finest cakes, cupcakes & cookies - for all budgets and imaginations! Ph: 0432 420 998
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Birthdays just aren't complete unless there's a spectacular cake for everyone to share.

I create cakes to suit every age, style and occasion: baby’s birthday cakes, children’s cakes, teenager’s birthday cakes, and of course, numbered birthday celebration cakes including some extra special 18th and 21st birthday designs.

From 1 to 101, there is a cake for every birthday!

Decorated Birthday Cookies

Have you thought about Decorated Birthday Cookies ... click below to find out more.


“ Oh My, I've just seen it. It's so cute and gorgeous. It's exactly how I imagined. The colours are perfect, the flowers are the shapes I wanted; everything about it is amazing. I love the message in silver too. ”

Sonam Five Dock